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Giveaways Are The Hidden Gems Of Conventions

Plastic is passe' in drink bottles. Everybody appreciates quality and promo items that are tasteful, distinctive and present a brand image that people are proud to be associated with. Branding is hard to maintain and easy to forfeit. Bamboo is unique, visual, and presents a texture that is desirable. Gucci said it best, quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. A great item.
Sports drink bottle.

On everybody’s list of great promo items are Coasters and Water bottles, but no plastic please.

Water bottles. Ahh. We’re back to the high brand awareness swag ideas, says Kevin Andersen. What has replaced plastic on the list is stainless steel. Many people are still using stainless steel water bottle, coffee mugs and beer mugs that they have adopted as their favorites. And it does not cost that much more with a good insulated utensil for cold or hot beverages. For a quality event with quality attendees cheap is not a great idea if you are looking at the ROI (return on investment). So, put a good message or image on a mug or water/sports drink bottle and you have a brand enthusiast for as long as stainless steel last. Research has shown people always appreciate quality, a nice brand image, useability, solid functionality and flair the bespeaks originality. Give people what is universally sought after and they will willingly help you brand.

Bamboo sports beverage bottle.
Great Branding opportunity for high quality stainless steel water bottles for gifting, giveaways, promo’s and favors. Laser engraving is very upscale.

There are very few places anyone goes today that water bottles are not seen. Laser engraving makes the look, feel and texture of bamboo not noticeable.

Mugs are in that group-beer, coffee, or tea mugs are another option.

Stainless Steel Mugs
Bamboo on insulated stainless steel mugs. Bamboo may be laser engraved with logo or message. In five colors.

Food grade stainless steel is know by its formula in the foundry process-403 stainless steel.

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