Bamboo Wine Gift Box


Probably the most impressive presentation Gift Box for fine wines or spirits.

The Bamboo Wine Gift Box has an inset sliding lid with a magnet clasp to hold it shut.

The Box measurements (inner size): 4″ x 4″ x 14.5″ which makes it suitable for virtually all size of wine, champagne, or spirits bottles.

MOQ: Call for information.

Price: $23.00 per unit w/o padded liner add $4.50 with liner.

Wine is always a great way to present a message, give an award, or as a thank you. A great favor for weddings.  This Wine Gift Box is precision made with an additional option of a fabric padding inside the box. The construction is with complex detail and finish. The laser engraving is only available on the sliding lid.

Long after the wine has been enjoyed, the box has great additional uses for personal items such as: glasses, business cards, cell phones, pens, letters to mail, and small office tools that come in handy to make the occasional light repair.

Bamboo/SS Vacuum Drink Bottle


Stainless Steel insulated 16 oz. drink bottle.

Laser engraving is on the side of the bottle.

Includes a stainless steel infusion ingredient strainer.

Stainless Steel screw-on closure.

Come with presentation cardboard Box.

Carry ring is on the full Bamboo Infusion Bottle only.

MOQ: 50 units

Price: $14.50

Bamboo is an attention grabbing material and for a Infusion Drink Bottle it is a high demand product for incentives, promo’s, handouts and leave behind items for customer visits. Great branding product.

Infusion is the in-thing amongst trendsetters and health conscious individuals.  It comes with an Infusion Strainer to keep the tea leaves or herbs or fruit in the liquid for constant Infusion.

Bamboo/SS Infusion Drink Bottle


Stainless Steel (SS) with loop Carry Handle.

18 oz. SS vacuum Infusing drink bottle for hot and cold infusion drinks. (Optional 16 oz. bottle available.)

Stainless Steel strainer basket to retain infusion ingredients while drinking the concoction.

Approximately 10″ tall.

Laser Engraving is on the bamboo side of bottle or on top of screw-on closure.

MOQ: 50 units

Price: $15.50 USD per piece-Shipping is additional cost.

Everywhere you go you see people drinking some energy drink, water, or soda. The more serious consumers are Personal Concoctions of specialty Infused drinks.

These may be tea oriented, herbal, or drinks bought at a health food store. The fresher the better whether hot or cold. This water bottle is made of food grade stainless steel that will keep cold beverages cold and hot, hot.

20 oz./Bamboo-SS/Mug/Closure


5 Colors-Blk, Pink, Blu, Wht, Turq.

20 oz.

Insulated Stainless Steel 304 Food Grade

Closure mouthpiece is clear with sliding dispensing opening

Engraving on Stainless Steel or Bamboo

MOQ-50 pieces

Price:$13.10 ea. Shipping is an additional charge.

Suitable for Hot and Cold drinks. The clear plastic lid has a slide opening to dispense beverages.

Mug is 7.25 in. tall. The engraving can be on the Bamboo or SS above the Bamboo. Engraving may be on both surfaces at additional costs. To ensure the image or text is suitable for engraving the customer needs to submit high definition artwork for comment.

Great mugs for coffee, water, beer, juices and carbonated soft drinks. Mug is insulated using food grade SS.

Moso Bamboo Coasters



4″ x 4″ x 1/4″/Rounded corners/ 2 Ply

Felt pads to protect furniture

Lasering artwork provided in JPG or PNG format from customer to meet engraving specifications.

No refunds apply due to custom nature of  design.

MOQ: 100 units

Price: $1.35 each unit (Coaster, Felt Pads, Laser engraving of max. image size of 3″)


Bamboo Coasters are appreciated for their durability, unique visual textures and sustainability. The engraved message is constantly in view which increases awareness. Great for giveaway’s, promo’s, events and favors.

A laser engraved product with year round use that creates a constant reminder of  a message, a brand, or significant event. Coasters make impressions as a hand-out at a convention and meeting, as a favor for special events such as weddings, new product announcements, or local business promo. S

Bamboo is a durable product. Highly sustainable material that is also used in fine furniture, building construction and used in commercial and residential flooring.

Call for information on engraving requirements.

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