Hops and Yeast Gives Craft Beer Flavor and Aroma

Hop Farm Washington State

Hops are a unique cone shape design from Mother Nature. This plant is one of the most popular ingredient in modern beer. Yeast is what makes beer have a great mouthfeel and also works with hops for aromas and flavors. Until the 1800’s no one knew what yeast was-it was the magical ingredient harvested in one beer and put into another batch. And yes yeast grows naturally in nature.

The Vineyards Cover Crop

Cover Crop

What the wine industry does to conserve and manage the vineyard. In California’s Wine Country, winter is a time when brown hillsides turn green and vineyards green-up with a “cover crop”. Cover crops may be a misnomer as nothing in “cover crop” is harvested. In vineyards you notice this cover crop between the rows of […]

Studies On The Pros and Cons Of Alchohlic Beverages Can Be Confusing

Wine Stain

Do we believe what we want to believe? The short answer to the question posed in the title is attributed to Ben Franklin-“Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see” (or read). First, recognize that research (could apply to any research) concerning the effects of alcohol on one’s well-being, could be […]

Coasters Add To The Branding Discussion For All Organizations

Bamboo Coasters

The subject of coasters should be rather simple and straightforward, but it isn’t.  Coasters prices do run the gambit for sure.  Most of the prices are impacted by where the coaster is manufactured, the quantity, and from what type of material the coaster is made.  Paper fiber coasters with generic designs it is probably the […]

Some Words From Ken

Ken Koleszar

Knowledge of raw materials, equipment, care in manufacturing gives our clients quality products! The following comes from a presentation by our own Ken Koleszar-IOW Operations.   Hardwoods are produced by angiosperm trees that reproduce by flowers, and have broad leaves. Many species are deciduous, meaning they lose their leaves in the fall. Softwood is a wood from gymnosperm trees such as pines and spruces. […]

Quality in the Service Industry Is Job One – Your Service Must Be Quality

Wine tasting room service

Quality means different things to different folks. I have long been conflicted about what exactly quality means. Is quality in the eye of the beholder? Is quality impossible to achieve if you manufacture or sell cheap/inexpensive products or services? Is China or Mexico or Taiwan or Russia universally synonymous with poor quality? What does it […]

The Wine Industry Is Not Exempt From Changes In Consumer Preferences

Wine, Wine glass, wine bottle,

Change Is A Constant It’s been more years than I would like to admit when I met a gentleman that owned a nursery that sold rootstock to vineyards. The question that puzzled me: Is there that much demand for new rootstock? The thinking, albeit wrong, assumed sales must be predicated on disease and/or vineyard expansion […]

Grapes For Wine Start With A Small Flower, But Have You Ever Seen One?

grapevine flower,

Birds and Bees With Wine Here is a question I am sure you have asked yourself… Do Grapevines Have Flowers? The answer from Stefen Stolysiak of Rodney Strong Vineyards is a strong-yes. Brace yourself for a discussion of the birds and bees. Although you may have never seen it, every grape does start with a […]

Good Wine Is Not Just From Varietal Grapes

Wine b lends,

Another Form of Art In Winemaking Is Blending. Wines are like people; some of us need a lot of love – an advocate that brings out our best in us,” says Richard de los Reyes owner winemaker for Row Eleven Wines and the Riddler. “That is what wine blending is all about-bringing out the best […]

The Toast To . . .

Toasting with wine

Proper Toasting Is an Art Form Not to Be a Casual Exercise My first exposure to the seriousness of “toasting” came from my time in the US Navy. The protocol and etiquette of “toasting” is even written in manuals; everything from the hierarchy of what and whom to toast to when to stand and even […]

Only Four In Nevada

Churchill Winery

Don’t Let The Title Let You Get To Far Ahead As hard as it may be to comprehend, there was a wine industry in the U.S. before there was a wine industry in California; pre-statehood. It seems the earliest effort to develop a vineyard may have been as far back as 1619. However, Thomas Jefferson […]

Awards, Evaluations and Some Must Go

Employee Evaluation

Employee Evaluation Tools Can Become Obsolete – Bottom 10% of Employees Must Go We have seen proclamations touting such-and-such a new program or research to be the latest and greatest thing that will revolutionize companies. But is proclamations from these promoters fool proof? Invariably time might prove that new revolutionary management programs an albatross around […]

How Many More Ways Can You Analyze Corkage Fees,

Corkage fees

At Least One More? A few years ago I worked on a film project about wine with a Master Sommelier. In fact he has his own label and the wine is great. A recurring discussion we had was the subject of corkage fees. Bottom-line, “each case is different, but it can boil down to the […]

Masters of Wine and Master Sommelier

Wine knowledge

Whether you think Master of Wine or Master Sommelier add value to the wine experience, it is extremely difficult to achieve these designations.