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Bamboo Coaster

Branding and Promo’s

Branding is how an event, company or product is perceived in the marketplace. At some point someone responsible for branding has set the tone of what the branding message will be to the customer or group. In promo items, branding may be a logo or a message on a product. For it to be effective in branding, it must be consistent and create lasting impressions.

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Moso Bamboo is considered a timber bamboo due to size.

Bamboo Is An Exotic and Mesmerizing Product of Nature

No one really knows for sure but, bamboo has more than 1,000 species. Each species has an application that permeates our daily lives. Some bamboo is used for furniture, and scaffolding, and modern floor and architectural applications in interior designs. Our applications are for functional promo items.

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Sports drink bottle.

Giveaways Are The Hidden Gems Of Conventions

Plastic is passe’ in drink bottles. Everybody appreciates quality and promo items that are tasteful, distinctive and present a brand image that people are proud to be associated with. Branding is hard to maintain and easy to forfeit. Bamboo is unique, visual, and presents a texture that is desirable. Gucci said it best, quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. A great item.

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Invest in Give-a-way items.

Guide to Most Popular Promotional Items at Conferences

There are many events, gatherings, and occasions where promo items are given out. These are often called giveaways or handouts at conventions or association meetings, at familial gatherings such as weddings or anniversary’s gifting would be called favors. In a business setting such items would be known as gifting. No matter the event or occasion for any given out item it should be purposeful, appreciated, quality and long lasting. In business, there needs to be a branding component that has a lasting value.

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