Branding is partly about having descriptor(s) that explains or defines a product, business, or person and adds recognition to a symbol, spoken word/tunes, or idea. Generally, branding will have certain components that are universally recognized. For example, there are general terms that define how people perceive the word Apple. Today Apple is one of 5 premier brand names in the world. The same applies to other highly recognized brands-Coke, AT&T, Frito Lay’s, or a place like San Francisco. Branding does not have to be applied to a product or service.

Today you see stickers on car windows of the Apple Logo, on coasters, on flash drives, tee-shirts; the Apple brand is ubiquitous. Impression matters in creating and maintaining a brand.

Branding gives us the ability to relate to something and can often be negative as well as positive. Interactions over time with a person, business, product or place will ultimately create a brand identity.

To some degree, branding is more important than a product or service itself. There are decisions we make that are influenced because we recognize a brand and what it will deliver.  For example, Dollar Store is not Saks, but its brand has a niche of loyal customers.

Where do giveaways, handouts or promo’s fit into a successful branding component?

-They Make Your Destination, Company, Service or Cause/Event Recognized/Relatable.

In 2022, the top 5 most Valuable, as opposed to Recognizable, brands are all U.S. companies: Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Walmart. Obviously adding to a bands value is brand identity and each has a different brand identity.

-People do not respond to changes, especially in branding.

Promo’s build loyalty through a reinforced image, promo reinforce substance. You create loyalty through consistent messaging and consistency is part of stability.

-Banding, using promos will give you a competitive advantage.

Renderforest illustrates this point well. ”How do you choose between two identical chocolate bars? Chances are, you’ll go with the brand you already know and love. That’s exactly what every business is trying to achieve with its product/service marketing.”

-Keep a brand personal.

It is about value, respect, usefulness, easy to identify and trustworthy.

Promo products are effective tools in branding. We see that exposure of messages (logo or copy) is critical to branding. A critical test as to the value of promo items are number of lifetime exposures and duration of the exposure and the impact of the gifted item. Yes, quality does matter.

According to the American Marketing Association, organizations most commonly use promotional products for:

  • Brand Awareness & Recognition
  • Corporate Culture & Identity
  • Customer Appreciation & Retention
  • Employee Appreciation & Retention
  • Incentive Programs & Behavior Modification
  • Product Awareness & Recognition
  • Public & Investor Relations
  • Sales & Referral Generation

Whatever you want to call something you give out at a conference, convention, award, community event, as a local business or at a family gathering, a wedding or anniversary, if done properly it will be remembered.

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