Bamboo/SS Infusion Drink Bottle


Stainless Steel (SS) with loop Carry Handle.

18 oz. SS vacuum Infusing drink bottle for hot and cold infusion drinks. (Optional 16 oz. bottle available.)

Stainless Steel strainer basket to retain infusion ingredients while drinking the concoction.

Approximately 10″ tall.

Laser Engraving is on the bamboo side of bottle or on top of screw-on closure.

MOQ: 50 units

Price: $15.50 USD per piece-Shipping is additional cost.

Everywhere you go you see people drinking some energy drink, water, or soda. The more serious consumers are Personal Concoctions of specialty Infused drinks.

These may be tea oriented, herbal, or drinks bought at a health food store. The fresher the better whether hot or cold. This water bottle is made of food grade stainless steel that will keep cold beverages cold and hot, hot.

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