Bamboo/SS Vacuum Drink Bottle


Bamboo is an attention grabbing material and for a Infusion Drink Bottle it is a high demand product for incentives, promo’s, handouts and leave behind items for customer visits. Great branding product.

Infusion is the in-thing amongst trendsetters and health conscious individuals.  It comes with an Infusion Strainer to keep the tea leaves or herbs or fruit in the liquid for constant Infusion.

Stainless Steel insulated 16 oz. drink bottle.

Laser engraving is on the side of the bottle.

Includes a stainless steel infusion ingredient strainer.

Stainless Steel screw-on closure.

Come with presentation cardboard Box.

Carry ring is on the full Bamboo Infusion Bottle only.

MOQ: 50 units

Price: $14.50

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