Thoughts About Promotions & Gifting

304 Food grade stainless steel vacuum water bottle. Keep hot hot and cold cold. Infusion for water is a big deal. Why not give something that can be branded, is in demand, needed and appreciated and an item that has visual uniqueness?
Infusion Drink Bottle-Hot/cold

A Promo Item That Hits the Spot .

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Sample of sports bottles and mugs.

An extremely desirable, functional, appreciated, attractive and high-quality promotional item for conventions and events!

Gifts, give-aways, promo materials, whatever the occasion, the item you use to promote an event or gathering of friends or potential customers at a convention or fundraiser it needs to have-value, display of quality, unique and desirable. Everybody like to receive items at a wedding or convention or as a business gift the speaks of being appreciated. Coasters, Wine Gift Boxes, Infusion Water Bottles, and Mug Style Bottles are perfect for a branding message that gives marketing reach and frequency of a brand.

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Blank Coasters

Remember, A Promo/Handout Item Should Not Be a Throwaway.

Great promo items should not be looked at as a necessary item for any convention, gathering, or promotion-they should be looked at as a branding opportunity. You should chose an item people will want and use. You also want it to be seen repeatedly as a message about you or your company. Advertisers call that-reach and frequency and as metric increases-it is all free.

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Bamboo Coaster

Branding and Promo’s

Branding is how an event, company or product is perceived in the marketplace. At some point someone responsible for branding has set the tone of what the branding message will be to the customer or group. In promo items, branding may be a logo or a message on a product. For it to be effective in branding, it must be consistent and create lasting impressions.

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